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Offering a wide selection of art from many excellent artists, including: 
Neil Anderson 
David Archer 
Michael Atkinson  
Guillaume Azoulay 
James Bama 
Pati Bannister[*]  
Marjolein Bastin 
Robert Bateman  
Randy Van Beek 
Elton Bennit 
Keith Birdsong [*]  
Colin Bogle 
Lee Bolger 
Susan Bourdet 
Carl Brenders [*]  
Gary Burghoff 
Richard Burns 
Bob Byerley[*]  
JD Challenger[*]  
James C. Christensen[*]  
Guy Coheleach 
Julie Kramer Cole  
Marietta Collins 
Ron Crooks 
Tom Cross 
Don Crowley 
Salvador Dali 
Jim Daly[*]  
Kevin T. Daniel [*]  
Chuck Dehaan 
Michael Dias 
Bev Doolittle [*]  
Larry Dyke [*]  
Eyvind Earle[*]  
F. Fitzgerald 
Charles Frace'[*]  
Rod Frederick  
Dona Gelsinger 
Walter Gerado 
Johannes Gerardus 
Nancy Glaizer 
RC Gorman 
Martin Grelle 
G. Griffeth 
Scott Gustafson[*]  
Ds Halkides 
Judith Hall 
Steve Hanks[*]  
Charles Harper 
G. Harvey [*] 
Don Hatfield 
Jim Hautman 
Rance Hood 
Russel Houston 
Alan Hunt  
Terry Isaac 
Tatsuo Ito
Scott Kennedy  
Willi Kissmer 
Thomas Kinkade  
Sandra Kuck  
John Seerey-Lester  
Lena Liu 
  Richard Luce 
James Lumbers 
Aldo Luongo 
Stephen Lyman  
Guy Manning 
Bonnie Marris[*] 
Alex Martinez 
Sherrie Russell Meline 
Dean Morrissey 
George Munlar 
Aexandra Nechita 
Leroy Neiman 
Greg Olsen 
Ron Parker
Mike Perkins
Wiam Phillips
Pablo Picasso 
Jack Polkinghorne 
Andy Probert  
Dora Raab 
Fredrick Remington 
Chuck Ren  
Kirk Reinert 
Kenneth Riley 
Susan Rios
Steel Robert Ross 
Red Skelton 
Peter Skirka 
Mry Baxter St.Clair 
Rick Sternbach  
Robert Summers 
W. Lee Symmon 
James H. Taylor 
Howard Terpning [*]  
Jack Terry 
Myra Tinsley 
Brent Townsend  
James Verdugo 
W. Vitringa 
Michael David Ward [*]  
James Warhola 
Charles White[*]
Olaf Wieghorst 
Barbara Wood 
Andrew Wyeth[*] 
Charles Wysocki 

[*] = art available for online viewing.

If you do not see the Artist or Title you are looking for give us a call at (530) 949-6908. It is highly likely we have exactly what you want in our extensive inventory!

Michael Atkinson                             Our Price

        Amethyst Canyon                        

        Evening Vista Land 2                    $195.00

Pati Bannister                             Our Price


        Cross Roads                                        

        Guinevere                                [view]
        Lavender Hill                                      

        Love Letters                                       

        March Winds                              [view]

        Morning Mist                           
        Once Upon A Time                        $850.00 [view]

        Puddings & Pies                        
        The Quilt                               [view]


        Seascapes                                [view]

        Song Bird                                          

        Soiree                                   [view]
        String of Pearls                         [view]            

        Tea Time                                 [view]

Robert Bateman                                 Our Price

        At the Cliff                            $550.00

        Distant Danger Raccoon                   $225.00

        The Air, The Forest & The Watch         

                (with etching)                $1,000.00

K. Birdsong

        First Family                            $300.00

        Next Generation                         $295.00  [view]

Carl Brenders

        Amber Gaze                              $100.00  [view]
        Black Sphinx                            $200.00  [view]
        Broken Silence                          $195.00  [view]

        Canadian Lynx Triptic                   $288.00

        Dall Sheep Portrait (#222)               $95.00

        Dall Sheep Portrait (#473)              $198.00

        In Northern Hunting Grd                 $375.00

        Mother of Pearl                         $275.00

        Narrow Escape                           $150.00

        Pathfinder                              $245.00

        Pencil Sketch Wolf                      $135.00 

        Red Fox Study (print)                   $125.00

        Rocky Kingdom Big Horn Sheep            $265.00

        Snow Leopard Portrait                   $150.00  [view]
        Trailblazer - Grizzly Bear             $235.00  [view]
        Wolf Scout #1                           $128.00

        Wolf Scout #2                           $128.00

Gary Burghoff

        Eye to Eye 1 (framed)                   $195.00

JD Challenger

        Heart of a Warrior                      $215.00  [view]

        Medicine Rattle                         $300.00  [view]

James Christensen

        Getting It Right                        $130.00

        Piscatorial Percussionist               $100.00

        Sisters of the Sea                      $170.00

        Two Angels Discussing Botticelli        $160.00  [view]

Julie Kramer Cole

        The Feather                             $100.00

Jim Daly

        A Gift of Time                          $145.00

        A New Beginning                         $125.00

        Bountiful Land                          $125.00

        Childhood Friends                       $200.00

        Favorite Gift                           $165.00  [view]

        Just Before the Bell                    $135.00

        Secret Admirer                          $150.00

        Sliding Home                             $75.00

Kevin T. Daniel
        Rhapsody in Bloom                       $125.00  [view]
Bev Doolittle

        Eagle Heart                             $285.00  [view]
        Music in the wind                       
        Three More for Breakfast                $400.00  [view]
        Two More Indian Horses                  $750.00  [view]
Larry Dyke
         The 15th at Cypress Point                       [view]

Eyvind Earle

        Before The Sun Goes Down                  $call  [view]

        Purple Sunrise                            $call  [view]
        Yorktown Branch                           $call  [view]

Charles Frace'

        A Radiant Moment                        $155.00

        Alaskan Friend                          $175.00

        Ambassadors                             $155.00

        Companions                              $350.00

        Emperor of Siberia                      $195.00

        Gray Ghost                              $200.00

        High Mountain Path                      $140.00

        His Domain                              $190.00

        Kinship                                 $200.00

        Messengers of Hope                      $195.00

        Mystic Realm                            $400.00

        Nature's Dawn                           $160.00  [view]

        Out on a Limb                           $140.00

        Peace On Ice                            $160.00

        Safe Return                             $140.00

        Secret Heights                          $165.00  [view]

        Siberian Tiger                          $225.00

        Spiritual Heir                          $110.00

        Taking a Break                          $100.00

        The Challenger                          $140.00

        The Lesson                              $200.00  [view]

        The Quest                               $118.00

        Undivided Attention                     $160.00

        Watchful                                $195.00

        Wayfarers                               $195.00

        Wings Over America                      $165.00

Rod Fredrick

        An Early Light Breakfast                $175.00

        Fire & Ice                              $125.00

        New Heights                             $195.00

        Point of View                           $200.00

        Rain Forest Rendezvous                  $200.00

        Temple of the Jaguar                    $200.00

        Way of the Caribou Tripti???            $200.00

Scott Gustafson

        Jack and the Beanstalk                  $150.00

        Pat A Cake                              $240.00

        The Frog Prince                         $210.00

        Touched by Magic                        $170.00 [view]

Steve Hanks

        Blue Morning                            $300.00 [view]

        Time Standing Still                     $125.00

G. Harvey

        Canyons of Dreams                       $750.00

        Forty Niners                            $180.00

        Gray Ghost of Confederacy               $209.00

        San Francisco Market St.                $229.00

Alan Hunt

        Ancient Glow                            $120.00

        Hole In The Wall Gang                   $170.00

        Restful Interlude                       $170.00

Scott Kennedy

        "Fish Tales"                            $200.00

        Never Alone                             $259.00

        On The Edge                             $100.00

Thomas Kinkade

        Evening In The Forest                   $680.00

        Petals of Hope                          $580.00 [view]
Willi Kissmer

Sandra Kuck

        Best Friends                            $185.00

        Hidden Garden                            $95.00

        Thinking of You                         $194.00

Richard Luce

        Earth Dreamer                           $700.00 [view]

        Face of Wisdom                          $175.00 [view]

        Renewal By Fire                         $165.00 [view]

John Seerey-Lester

        Seeking Attention                       $205.00

        Tundra Family Artic Wolves              $252.00

        Whitetail Spring                        $175.00
Stephen Lyman

        Cathedral Snow                          $500.00

        Beach Bonfire                           $400.00
        New Kid on the Block                    $300.00
Bonnie Marris

        Mom's Shadow                            $100.00 [view]

Chuck Ren

        Guess Who's Coming To Dinner            $100.00

        Place of My Dreams                      $100.00

        The Vanishing American                  $100.00

Rick Sternbach & Andy Probert

        U.S.S. Enterprise                     $1,900.00

Howard Terpning

        Army Regulations                        $175.00

        Cree Finery                             $175.00

        Leader of Men                           $200.00

        Prairie Shade                           $200.00

        Profile of Wisdom                       $200.00

        Shepherd of the Plains                  $170.00

        The Apache Fire Makers                  $200.00

        The Last Buffalo                        $375.00

        The Talking Robe                        $200.00

Brent Townsend

        Autumn Hillside                         $195.00

        Hailstorm Creek                         $150.00

        Open Ridge                              $320.00

Michael David Ward

        Second Star on the Right (2 sigs)       $795.00  [view]

        Signs of Intelligence                   $750.00
Charles White

        The Inner Garden                        $650.00  [view]
Charles Wysocki

        Gay head Light                          $110.00

        Mabel the Stowaway                      $175.00

        Remington the Horticulturist            $195.00

        Uncle Jacks Topiary                     $185.00
        Young Hearts at Sea                     $150.00 [view]

We buy and sell early originals and most original oils of California.  For Corporate Framing and Art Inquiries, call (530) 949-6908.

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